Hogans' HayBale Cottage 
About the Property
Hogans' Hay Bale Cottage captures the spirit of a quaint Irish cottage.  Located at the edge of the scenic Missouri Ozarks in Vernon County, we are situated on 20 timbered acres approximately an hour and a half South of Kansas City and 20 miles Northeast of Nevada.

The Cottage is the perfect destination for nature lovers, hunters or anyone wanting to enjoy the serenity of life in the country.
The cottage was constructed in 2000 using a unique method of incorporating hay bales (ok technically straw bales) in the exterior walls.  The Bale walls are coated with a thick layer of stucco plaster, which provides a well-distributed thermal mass.  The combination of insulation and mass provide an excellent platform for passive solar building design for winter and summer.  Compressed and plastered straw bale walls are also resistant to fire.
Relax and unwind in a lush country setting or get active with hunting, fishing, bike rides and much more.



Resident Pets

4- 6 PM Standard (Pre-arrange other times)
1 PM (Pre-arrange other times)

Outside Only -- Not Allowed in Pool or Jacuzzi
Well behaved Pets are welcome -- We have Kennels
Well behaved children  welcome -- We have Kennels ;-)

Mitts, Squeaky and Kiska - Our indoor cats.  They are not allowed in the guest rooms. So far they have been a little shy and tend to hide when people they do not know are around.  They are not allowed outside except on the outdoor screened-in patio.

Stella - Our dog.  She is old but very friendly with people.

Barn Cats - We currently have 11 (3 adult and 8 kittens) they have run of the outdoors and are not allowed in the house.